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American Express

BOL (maps/guides)
Useful Information
  • The time zones
  • Security in the USA
  • To travel with the animals
  • Useful numbers and addresses
  • To travel in car and bike
  • The current electrical in the USA (110V)
  • The gratuity
  • Acquire the dress: (European and USA sizes)
  • The more common drugs from bench
  • The module I-94 W and the Custom Declaration
  • Converter of measures (Americans/European)
  • The USA dollar and the credit card
  • The chains of restaurants in the United States
  • Norms for the chartering car/bike/camper
  • The cellulars in the United States
  • The chains of hotels in the United States
  • The airlines that operate in the United States
  • The companies of car rental in the United States
  • Visa and monetary formalities
  • The Green Card Lottery
    Racconti e consigli di viaggio
  • The Marathon of New York
  • Big Sky Country (1/2)
  • Big Sky Country (2/2)
  • East coast: From Boston to Miami
  • From Chicago to Saint Francisco
  • Las Vegas Hotels
  • IMAX 3D, a experience to try!
  • Travel with a palmtop
  • West USA and the Great Parks
  • In the land of 'Dance with the wolfes'
  • Travel in the West
  • Last day of the millenium in New York
  • The sun of Florida
  • Skies of America (Part 1/3)
  • Skies of America (Part 2/3)
  • Skies of America (Part 3/3)
  • New York City and the West Coast
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Boston, a travel from dream
  • New World Trade Center
  • A very usefull book about NY
  • One trendy hotel in NYC
  • A beautifull book on the Americans
  • The ''National Parks Pass''
  • The Alchool
  • The school bus
  • 'Deli'
  • Find an address in Manhattan
  • Tickets or Metrocard in the tube?
  • Internet gratis in New York
  • One beautifull seen over the Central Park
  • City Pass
  • New York in 7 days and 7 nights